PHOTO SERVICES Center for Teaching and Learning, Thomas Jefferson University | Future Faces 2015 slideshow

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 12.56.40 PMFaces of Hope Anesthesia-OR-6446Faces of Hope Anesthesia-OR-6462Faces of Hope Cardiology EKG FULL SIZE-3632Faces of Hope Cardiology EKG FULL SIZE-3640Faces of Hope Cardiology EKG FULL SIZE-3715Faces of Hope Dermatology FULL SIZE-4487Faces of Hope Emergency-6326Faces of Hope Epic FULL SIZE-3937Faces of Hope Helipad-3240Faces of Hope JeffStat-6491Faces of Hope JeffStat-6543Faces of Hope JHN ICU-8554 with DrRitchieScreen Shot 2017-02-22 at 12.56.27 PMFaces of Hope Klasko-6605Faces Of Hope Library Reg Desk FULL SIZE L-5773Faces of Hope Ob-Gyn-3086Faces of Hope OR FULL SIZE-4044Faces of Hope Oral Surgery-3744Faces of Hope Pharmacy-2736