PHOTO SERVICES Center for Teaching and Learning, Thomas Jefferson University | slide show

Annual Jefferson Boards Retreat 2017-1342College Bldg 2017-2751Alumni Weekend 2017 Dinner 10-28-4671JCP White Coat Ceremony 2017-3599Beach KellyBlood Management Program-1081Hamilton With Jeff Sign SATURATIONAnesthesiology Graduation and Group 2017 FULL SIZE-120Blood Management Program-1034Biomed-GE Breakfast-2092Chen StephanieCTL_6136Diversity Office Women’s Conference 11-17-17-0142193rd JCN Commencement 2017-21Dr Christopher Investiture-0827Dr. Boon 12-20-17-6362Dr. Fischman with Patient WEB-3939Drs. Marks Cowan and Yeo BW-9067EakinsGate