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Scott Bldg Lubert Roses and Jeff Sign DSC_8732Dr. Chang Donating Plasma-7300Daisy Group Awards Center City 11-4-20-2633Margaret Jodon RN Methodist Covid 2020-0951Jonathan Velez Security Methodist Covid 2020-1163Covid 19 Vaccinations Day 1-2183Covid 19 Vaccinations Day 1-2011Covid Testing at St. Raymonds-1678DAISY Methodist 11-19-20-1022Annual Jefferson Boards Retreat 2017-1342ACGME video shoot-216JSP_Lab_Work_2012-150Jefferson Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Bryn Mawr Opening-4240JeffMD 08-22-17-9219SKMC First Year Classroom Candids 2018 DAY 1-2556SKMC First Year Classroom Candids 2018 DAY 1-05264Resident Candids-2806Jeff Refugee Clinic at Nemours-7617JCN Faculty and Student Candids 2020-6690East Falls Stock 1-30-18-13