Alumni Weekend 2017 Breakfast 10-28-4259Cattolica University and Gemelli Hospital Group Dinner -7962Celebration of Consul General Andrea Canepari-4805IBC Signing 2017-6959ICV Symposium-3109ICV Symposium-3111ICV Symposium-3114JCIPE Hotspotting Event 2017-0468Match Day 2017-5683Neu Gift Signing-5488Population Health Colloquium 2017 Day 2 PM-0739SKMC White Coat Ceremony 2017-7552SKMC White Coat Ceremony 2017-7802SKMC Wine and Cheese Reception 2017-7098Annual Scholarship Appreciation Dinner 2017-8657Annual Scholarship Appreciation Dinner 2017-8697Annual Scholarship Appreciation Dinner 2017-8658Dept of Medicine Retreat 2017-0465Dept of Medicine Retreat 2017-0457Dept of Medicine Retreat 2017-0420